Crusaders for Children

Mission Statement

We exist to empower children to overcome the fear in their daily lives. Fear created by abuse, neglect, or disease. We seek to show our children that they are worthy of support and can stand tall in the face of adversity. We will stand behind them to give them strength, beside them to give them hope, and in front of them to give them protection. We will help them defeat their adversary. We are not for hire and we do not do this for monetary gain. Our payment is seeing hope in a child’s eyes. We ride for our children anytime, any weather. When they call, we go. We want the roar of our bikes to bring them peace and our headlights to illuminate their darkness. The patch on our backs serve as a reminder to them that we are family and they can call on us anytime. We are prepared to take whatever actions we deem necessary for the protection of our children and we will shed our blood and give our lives to protect theirs.

We are The Crusaders for Children.

Miami Valley Ohio
PO Box 20071
Dayton, OH 45420

PO Box 26146
Frasier, MI 48026

Three Rivers Kentucky
PO Box 11
Independence, KY 41051